Download Resumes For Laravel Developer

Download Resumes For Laravel Developer

If you want to apply for a Job Profile of Laravel Developer. Then you should consider some roles and working tasks under different levels of Experience. Here you can download resumes for Laravel Developer Job.

Levels of Experience in Laravel Developer Job

  • Junior or Starter Level : 0-1 Years Experience
  • Intermediate Level : 1-2 Years Experience
  • Senior Level : 2-5 Years Experience
  • Professional Level : 5+ Years Experience

Roles and Distribution

  • Designing UI and Wireframe
  • Development of reusable code
  • Development and implementation of Core functionality and support tools
  • Understand the business and functional requirements
  • Handled the CMS & Framework
  • Iterative testing and code reviews and debugging through development of the application
  • Developed the system product

Required Skills For Laravel Developer

  • PHP 5+
  • Laravel – Blades, Routes, Controllers, Eloquent, Service Providers, Packages, Helpers, Middlewares, Validation, Encryption, APIs, Form Handling, Traits, Facades, Components, Query Builder, Events, Scheduling, Queues, Crons, Database Schemas, Feeds and Migrations, Artisan Commands, Composer, Files Path, Data Filter and Characters Sets Encoding, Mixer.
  • Linux Server or Hosting
  • Javascript
  • MySQL or Mongodb
  • JSON
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Rest APIs
  • OAuth APIs
  • Web Service – Google Cloud, Cloudinary, Cloudflare, AWS
  • Domain, DNS, Email, FTP, SSL, SSH, CDN
  • Payment Gateways – Paypal
  • SEO Structure
  • Website Optimization

You can read here about the Laravel

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